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Come to our cocina for your Mexican meal.

Wet Burrito

Meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, onion in a flour shell topped with burrito sauce and covered in melted cheese 10.50

No Beans, extra meat 11.50


Giant Wet Burrito

The BIG ONE!! 12.50

No Beans, extra meat 14.50


Taco Dinner

Corn or flour taco shells filled with meat, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, with side of refried beans 8.50



Two corn shells filled with meat or cheese & onions rolled and covered with burrito sauce and smothered with cheese. Served with re-fried beans and rice 10.95

Breadsticks & Pizza Sauce

Homemade breadsticks brushed with garlic butter & dusted with Romano cheese 3.95


Cinnamon Sticks

Homemade breadsticks with cinnamon sugar and icing 3.95


Basket of Garlic Toast - 3.95


Garlic Toast with Cheese

Garlic toast topped with melted mozzarella 5.75


Nachos Supreme

Tortilla chips, taco meat, cheese, fire roasted chili peppers and tomatoes 7.95



Tortilla chips topped with cheese, tomatoes and fire roasted chili peppers 5.75


Chips and Cheese

Tortilla chips smothered with Colby cheese 5.75


Chips and Salsa

Tortilla chips with Mario’s fresh homemade salsa 3.95



Sour Cream                                                            $0.35

Spanish Rice                                                           $1.95

Refried Beans                                                        $1.95

Mario’s Hot Sauce To-Go 

• 1/2 pint                                                                $1.75

• Quart                                                                   $6.55

Your Choice of Taco Meat, Shredded Beef, Chicken or Pork. All Mexican dinners come with chips and our homemade salsa.



Most orders ready in only 20 minutes! Call us now to order your takeout.


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*Prices subject to change. Please give us a call before ordering to confirm prices.



1/2 Taco Salad                                                       $7.95

1/2 Enchilada (w/ rice)                                          $7.95

Mini Wet Burrito                                                   $7.95

Mini Wet Burrito No beans                                 $8.55

1/2 Spaghetti (after 4pm)                                    $7.95

1 Taco Corn or Flour                                            $2.95

Chili (Oct - March)                                         Cup $3.25

                                                                      Bowl $4.25

KIDS (12 & under)

Includes a Kids Drink 4.95

Two Tacos

7” Pizza

Spaghetti (after 4 p.m.)

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